Katie {Lead Dealer}


Bios are hard… But since I’m getting Megan, Maddi and Michael to write one, I should probably start. I’m Katie, head barista and manager at The Old Apothecary. Since I’m one of the owners kids, I’ve been here since before we opened, starting from lease signing and logo designing, straight through to today. We began the bakery with a team of 2 (Mom and I), growing to a crazy crew of 10 in 3 years. Front of house has gone through a lot of changes in those 3 years, but right now we’ve got a solid team of 4.

I was quickly put in charge of the coffee side of the bakery & cafe operation when we started planning the business. Although I had very little experience running a coffee shop, I had management experience and a serious love of coffee. The first espresso machine I ever used was our Rancillio, just out of the box. A quick tutorial from the man who installed the machine, a lot of practice, and later an sca barista course, I think I’ve figured out how to make coffee.

My educational background was in graphic design and photography, and my work experience came from retail, both of which have served me well in running our shop.

Now to the questions I have everyone answering:

Why Coffee
My serious coffee addiction started it.

Drink of choice
Fruity coffees, black.

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why
Aside from everywhere, I would really love to go to Ethiopia to visit coffee farms where it all started.

What do you want to be when you grow up
I would love to, well, own a coffee company (that does everything from buying, to roasting, to serving). We’re hoping one day The Old Apothecary will get there!

Whats playing when you pick the music in the cafe?
My go to is usually Joni Mitchell, or country, or 90s pop….



For the love of coffee

The Old Apothecary has been around for just over a 3 years now. We’re pretty well known for our amazing baked goods; breads, pastries and the decadent dessert case (I feel like I can say they’re amazing, because I don’t make any of them). TOA also has some pretty cool coffee happening too, which I think needs to be talked about. Our coffee blog will focus on the new things we are bringing in and learning about at TOA, including how we make coffee here (and at home), what coffees we offer (which change almost biweekly) and most importantly, a new project we are working on to help with the environmental impact a coffee shop has. More on all three to come.

We’ll start off with a quick introduction to our caffeine dealers, who make up our creative, energetic, entertaining front of house team.